New development design achieves highest score for the sustainability certificate

Artist impression van nieuwbouw voor RIVM

On 14 August 2015, the design for the new accommodation for RIVM and CBG achieved the highest BREEAM sustainability certificate. This is the first time that a public-private collaboration (PPC) has achieved this highest level (outstanding) for a building in the Netherlands. What is particularly special is the fact that a building of this magnitude and complexity achieves this score, because in addition to offices, it will contain laboratories as well.

What is sustainable? 

Sustainable buildings use less energy, are ecologically sound and make use of sustainable materials. One way of testing this is through BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), an internationally recognised certificate for the sustainability of buildings. BREEAM indicates the sustainability performances in five gradations: Pass, Good, Very good, Excellent, or Outstanding. Sustainable characteristics of the new development include the building’s cooling, heating and lighting. Among the ways of providing for the energy required is the use of a windmill.

Comfortable and healthy

The BREEAM quality mark also qualifies the building as healthy, both for employees and visitors. It includes open working spaces, high floors and a visible green accommodation. The greenery inside and outside contribute to a pleasant and healthy experience of the building and its environs. Green roofs and walls isolate the building both in winter (retaining warmth) and in summer (coolness). They also contribute to the purification of the air because the green converts CO2 into oxygen.

More information about the sustainability of the new accommodation (Dutch only)

More information about the BREEAM sustainability certificate.  

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