RIVM Academy: Working collectively on organisational development

Bijeenkomst van de RIVM Academy

The RIVM Academy offers work study programmes to groups of employees, in which the sharing of knowledge, the development and safeguarding of RIVM specific knowledge and skills related to the strategic themes of RIVM take centre stage. Employees from the entire organisation discuss themes such as leadership, RIVM as a trusted advisor or in the centre of society. 

What was established in 2015?

The Academy was set up in 2013. In 2015, a start was made with a work study programme for laboratory employees and various elaboration modules were developed. 2016 will be all about the continuing development of the Academy.


The RIVM Academy provision is divided into learning pathways per function group (such as advisor, expert, manager). In the collective work study programmes, a meaningful meeting takes place between colleagues with various backgrounds, knowledge and experience, resulting in collaboration and insight into each other’s work. Employees thus experience an increased connection with each other and RIVM. 

International capacity building

In addition to forging links within RIVM, the RIVM Academy is also looking for liasons within  national government. Our corporate international affairs training module is a good example. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will develop this module further as a ‘foreign class for agencies’ in the Academy for external relations. 

Direction group

Each learning pathway is supervised by a directive group from the target group, with a (board of directors) DR member as a chairman, allowing employees to directly contribute to the programme with commitment and support from the DR. 

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