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Scientific report

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In our role as trusted advisor, we provide government with impartial advice on infectious diseases, vaccination, population screening, life style, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, environment, sustainability and safety.

Evaluation Stategic Research Programme

RIVM Strategic Research; SOR 2011-2014 was successful and innovative, as was demonstrated by an evaluation report that was released on 10 July 2015. A total of 107 projects resulted in promotions, databases and hundreds of publications of results with high scientific and social impact. 

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Scientific publications

In 2015 we published 149 reports and 802 scientific publications in leading international journals, of which 119 reports and 759 articles in English. This way RIVM makes a major contribution to decision making in the Netherlands and further afield.  


PhD students

A large number of PhD students gets the opportunity to do scientific research. RIVM  provides researchassignments relevan to society and professional support bij leading experts In 2015 19 researchers received their PhD degree.  

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Scientific integrity

Our position as a nationally and internationally respected knowledge institute is due to the quality of our work and to the commitment and involvement of our staff. Our researchers are expected to act with integrity, which implies they are conscientious, accountable, impartial and independent in their work. 

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