PhD Students

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The following doctoral students have successfully completed their research in 2016.

Agogo, G.O.  | 14 January

Statistical modelling for exposure measurement error with application to epidemiological data.

Scheepers, C.E. | 21 January

Opportunities to stimulate active transport.

Braakhuis, H.M. | 27 January

Inhaled nanomaterials, dose metrics for risk assessment

Roelofs, M. | 1 March

Steroidogenesis in vitro: towards relevant models for endocrine disruptor screening.  

Hulsegge, G. | 31 March

Cardiovascular risk factors over the life course.    

Kubbinga, M. |  2 May

BCS-based biowaivers : risks and opportunities.    

Cheah, N.P. | 11 May

Volatile aldehydes in tobacco smoke: source, fate and risk”    

van den Berg, S.W. | 19 May

Diet and overweight : Epidemiological studies on intake, environment and genetics.  

van Dycke, K. | 7 June

Working around the clock, adverse health effects of circadian rhythm disturbance.

Spruijt, P. | 23 June

Expert views on scientific policy advice on complex environmental health issues.

Storm, I. | 14 September

Towards a HIAP cycle. Health in All Policies as a practice-based improvement process.

Schaap, M.M. | 4 October 

The use of transcriptomics data in detecting non-genotoxic carcinogens.

Determann, D. | 4 October  

Discrete choice experiments for health policy: past, present and future.

Stein, M. | 13 December     

Networks of infection: Online respondent-driven detection for studying infectious disease transmission and case finding.

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