RIVM Strategic Programme buzzes with activity

A crowd of people walking through the street.

The RIVM Strategic Programme (Dutch only) is buzzing with curiosity and energy in its nearly 100 projects for research, innovation and the development of in-depth expertise. The RIVM-wide themes (Dutch only) developed through the Strategic Programme, such as ‘Safe, healthy, sustainable food in the Netherlands’, ‘Healthy Urban Living’ 'Healthy lifecycle' and 'Livestock farming - One Health' are also taking on more substance. The initial projects from the current Strategic Programme for 2015-2018 have already been brought to a successful conclusion. One example: ‘Play your way into policy making’ (Dutch only). This project focusses on the development, execution, implementation and evaluation of a serious game entitled ‘VTV In2Action’, aimed at intensifying partnerships between various local public and private partners and promoting the use of knowledge in the policy development process.

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