10 benefits of citizen science

Citizen science offers many opportunities, for researchers as well as for citizens. A top 10 list of benefits.

 1. Achieving more participation in research

 2. Facilitating research on a bigger scale by adding additional people

 3. Tapping into new sources of information, knowledge and perspectives. “At RIVM, we conduct research on behalf of citizens. That is why it is important to get citizens involved in research. Not least to find out what the key issues are in society.”  Mart Stein, RIVM

 4. Increasing citizen engagement in scientific research and building stronger connections between citizens and scientists. “RIVM should embrace citizen science even more. It is the best way to be at the very heart of society.” Liesbeth Claassen, RIVM

 5. Developing new methods

 6. Improving openness and reliability of research. “It is not just about the data; I believe it is important that we can find each other. Citizen science brings scientific research back to the citizens again. In the end, it is all about understanding and trusting each other.”   Annemarie Piscaer, citizen scientist in Rotterdam

 7. Ensuring that citizens understand scientific research even better

 8. Ensuring that scientists and knowledge institutes understand current issues in society even better. “Citizen science helps scientists become better citizens.” Lea den Broeder, RIVM

 9. Focusing research on more relevant subjects and on citizens’ priorities. “We are entitled to clean air.” Dieter Piëntka, citizen scientist in ‘s-Gravenpolder

10. Improving scientific literacy: citizens are increasing their own knowledge and understanding about science. “The sensors that you see here may seem highly complex. But it is a construction that has been built up slowly over time. It has taken months.” Teus Hagen, citizen scientist in Grubbenvorst.