Doctors of philosophy degrees

The PhD students mentioned below received their degree in 2015. 

  • Maaike Steenhof | 8 January

Air pollution: what matters most? Physical, chemical and oxidative properties of air pollution components related to toxic effects

  • Anne Teirlinck | 13 January

Immune respons after controlled human malaria infections

  • Christos Baliatsas | 10 February

Non specific physical symptoms in relation to actual and perceived exposure to electromagnetic fields 

  • Jorien Veldwijk | 12 May

Discrete choice experiments in public health

  • Iris van der Heide | 28 May

Health literacy

  • Annelie Vink | 10 June

Modelling the effects of cervical cancer prevention in the Netherlands

  • M. Campmans | 16 June

Diabetes quality management in care groups and outpatient clinics

  •  S.J. ter Braak | 18 June

Carcinogenicity of insulin analogues

  • Sjors Schulpen | 7 July

The application of mouse and human embryonic stem cells with transcriptomics in alternative developmental toxicity tests A bridge from model species to man

  • Jeroen van Leuken | 9 September 

Health impact airborne infectious disease

  • Karin van den Dungen | 9 September 

Explaining variations in morbidity estimates. Data from general practice registration networks

  • Evelyn Olthof | 21 September

Complications in home parenteral nutrition patients: from lock solutions to lipids.

  • Jochem van der Veen | 8 October

Towards an animal-free integrated testing strategy for the identification of skin sensitizing chemicals.

  • Marcel Jonges | 8 October

'Exploring the use of influenza virus sequence diversity for de identification and characterization of transmission events'

  •     M.A. Islam | 8 oktober

Improvement of risk assessment by integrating toxicological and epidemiological approaches: the case of isoflavones

  • Marieke Hendriksen | 26 October

Public health impact of salt reduction

  • Susanne Stoof  | 12 November

Invasive meningococcal disease in the Netherlands: burgen of disease and persistence of protection after MenC boostervaccination

  • Joantine Esterik | 23 November 

Assessment of the role of early life exposure to endocrine disrupting compounds in programming of obesity in a mouse model

  • Aileen Yang | 9 December

Oxidative Potential of Particulate Matter as A Health-relevant Exposure Metric

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